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How We Work

How We Work

Maximising your land’s true potential through our thoughtful planning process.

If you own land within or next to a town or village, you perhaps imagine that the cost and complexity of releasing your land’s potential value are too big a challenge. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Whoever and wherever you are, Anwyl Land is with you every step of the way. Backed by the Anwyl Group, we have a highly experienced land promotion team which operates in a way that is both sensitive to the community and focused on maximising the land’s true development potential.

We pay all the planning promotion fees and it doesn’t cost you, the landowner, anything. Our ultimate aim is to achieve residential led planning permission, in a sustainable and balanced way but with no financial risk to landowners. Our interests are totally aligned throughout the whole process, which typically consists of the following phases.

Planning Phase

Once an agreement is reached, we engage with the community and local planning authority.  We then prepare a full suite of technical reports and surveys produced by our expert team to support our planning application or to promote the land for a residential allocation through the Local Plan.  The strategy for every site will be agreed with the landowner, with the submission of a planning application within an agreed timescale.

We seek to secure planning permission at a local level, but in the unfortunate event of an appeal or legal challenge we engage our barrister-led legal team in preparing the appeal case.

At every stage, we test and check our applications to ensure they accord with statutory or emerging national and regional planning policies, to maintain their robustness which will give us the best possible chance of a planning success.

Permission and Sale

Once planning permission is granted, we manage a competitive tender process, working with your retained advisers to produce a shortlist of bidders. This maintains integrity and transparency and ensure we achieve the optimum value for the consented land.

And then for the really exciting part- identifying your preferred purchaser!

Throughout the process, our goal is to use our thoughtful planning approach to achieve sustainable and deliverable planning permission, while maximising the land’s true development value.